If I am not in the transfer portal, can I still attend?

Players attending the combine should have initiated the transfer process and if applicable, should be in the portal. We do not want for our event to put players or coaches in a precarious compliance position. This may not apply to JUCOs, NAIA, or others without access to the transfer portal. Any additional questions should be directed to university compliance teams.

Can JUCO/NAIA players attend?

Yes. This is a great event for JUCO or NAIA players who are looking get exposure to other divisions and programs.

What programs will be attending?

D1, D2, D3 & NAIA schools are all represented at the combine. We are adding programs daily so for a current list of schools, please visit our Twitter or IG.

What will the schedule look like?

Day 1: Technical Activity, 7v7, 11v11 game(s)

Day 2: Technical Activity, 11v11 game(s)

Final schedule will depend on number of players/teams. Each player will participate in a minimum of 2 games, with the potential for a 3rd . Schedule will be provided in the days leading to the event.

Will there be transportation or food arrangements?

Each player is responsible for their own food and transportation.

Is there registration upon arrival?

Yes. On-site registration/check-in details will be communicated a week ahead of the event – it will be at the facility. We will provide a 2-hour window to allow for folks that are travelling in.

How will teams be formed?

Teams/roster will be formed with coaches’ input based on a parity & competitive basis, regardless of current playing Division. Coaches want to see players in a competitive environment so we will create teams with that being our #1 priority. Roster may change day-to-day and will be communicated to players & coaches in the evening, before the next days’ morning games.

As a player, what will I need to bring?

Players should bring one dark kit (shirt, shorts, and socks) and one light kit, cleats, shin guards and a water bottle.

Will time allow for Player/Coach communication at the event?

Players and coaches will be able to communicate in person throughout the event. We will share player information to coaches prior to the combine, so communication can take place as the event is ongoing. There will be ample time between games for conversations to take place.

What kind of feedback will I receive?

CTC will film all of the games and provide a copy to each player in attendance. Through coach/player conversations, feedback will be provided organically.

What will be provided?

Water, Certified Athletic Trainer - before, during and after games - pennies, a coach for each team, film footage sent after the event. GK specific warm-up/training activities. Our CTC coaches have decades of coaching experience - they will set lineups and make subs as needed.

How will updates regarding any changes or weather-related issues be communicated?

Please keep an eye on our social media pages. Players/Coaches can reach out to us directly via email any time.

Can parents attend the event?

No. The College Transfer Combine is a player-coach recruiting event.